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Token Agency is a full service marketing strategy agency for the blockchain startup space. They approached me to build a website for a presentation at SXSW just 12 days from the project start date. I was able to build for them a large scale website that was true to their brand with great SEO practices.

The CEO Rob Behnke was so happy with the quick but high quality work I did on the website that he hired me as Token Agency's in-house graphic and web designer.


The cryptocurrency industry is such a volatile space that I really wanted to present Token Agency as an ultra trustworthy, professional company. The CEO and I spent the first two days discussing strategy, and looking at other ICO and cryptocurrency sites to see what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. Ultimately, the goal was to show that Token Agency is just what the blockchain startup space needs; A full service marketing company built on stability, years of experience, and a wealth of knowledge.

I set out to achieve the following goals when building the website:

Present a simplified, easy-to-use website to showcase the services that Token Agency offers.
Visually pull viewers into the Token Agency Brand.
Convert site visits into contacts and clients by providing easily accessible communication.
Showcase the people behind the Agency and their professional achievements.
Highlight Token Agency's already excellent track record and client testimonials.
Use an aggressive SEO checklist to make Token Agency rank well with search engines.
Token Agency Logo Token Agency Logo


Token Agency came to me with a logo and brand guidelines already done. They weren't happy with the site they were using up until that point, so I spent time with Rob the CEO to discuss his vision. He gathered a few ICO / Crypto sites that inspired him, and based on that I went into the project with a great idea of the kind of culture and aesthetic Token Agency wanted to present.

One of the main ideas I went into the design phase with was to provide enough information to display their level of knowledge, but simple enough to encourage a dialogue. The goal was to turn visits into conversions. Through the site and its easily accessible contact forms, Token Agency has secured many high profile clients.

Token Agency Wordpress website development preview - Desktop Token Agency Wordpress website development preview - Mobile
Token Agency Wordpress responsive website development preview - tablet and Ipad Token Agency Wordpress responsive website development preview - tablet and Ipad


In addition to Marketing, Token Agency had a new branch related to helping blockchain startups create or refine their brand identities. I was put in charge of completely overhauling their client onboarding process, since up until that point it was not providing them enough information to fully service their clients. I created this onboarding process and instantly Token Agency's ability to provide excellent design and brand identity consultation was improved greatly.