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Symbiosis is a nonprofit dance and arts collaboration company. They take a new and expanded approach to performing, incorporating all elements of art to further enrich the hearts and minds of their audiences. They had a debut performance in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver in July, 2018. Since then, they've been featured in various articles including one in Westword entitled "Denver’s Newest Dance Company Is Changing How Art Is Consumed." Symbiosis approached me to create brand guidelines, identity, logo, and a website.


I thoroughly enjoyed creating a brand identity for Symbiosis. Since the idea that Symbiosis was built on is so much different than that of other dance companies, we approached the design in a different way as well. Instead of only looking to other dance companies for inspiration, we looked to art collectives, galleries, videographers, artists, and more. Since Symbiosis is a nonprofit, I spent a lot of time on researching the psychology behind donations and how to help drive them. I also looked into what other more progressive dance companies were doing, and the result is a site design that appeals to all of the key demographics that Symbiosis wants to draw in.

I had a few key goals when creating Symbiosis :

Design a brand identity that appeals to a wide variety of people that appreciate art, music, and dance.
Highlight the unique qualities of Symbiosis; really differentiate it from its competitors.
Drive donations to the company through ease-of-use and key terminology.
Put an emphasis on the art, draw viewers into each project by giving it its own personality within the page.
Introduce Ryland and Braeden, the creators of Symbiosis and their accomplishments as dancers and artists.
Create a seamless method by which to view videos of past projects without leaving the site.
Symbiosis Arts logo design done by Lance Walker Symbiosis Arts logo design done by Lance Walker


Braeden, Ryland and I met frequently to discuss design direction. After getting to know their vision, I felt inspired to incorporate a geometric feel to their logo. The entire idea behind Symbiosis was to do things differently. A lot of dance has fluidity, clean lines, and lacks any sort of viewer discomfort or tension, so introducing an element of geometry and sharp lines was just another way to set them apart. The result was a geometric "S" accompanied by a hexagon.

The aesthetic that they wanted was based on a photography set they did and their first piece of work "Projections". The dark, grungy feel of the photo shoot set the tone for designing their brand. We decided on dark purples and grey tones, as well as some gritty texture to add depth. Purple in design represents feelings of mystery and spirituality, so it was perfect for Symbiosis.

Symbiosis Arts full front page website mockup design Symbiosis Arts full front page website mockup design - mobile display


Responsiveness is one of the most important qualities a website can have. Over 50% of internet traffic is done from mobile devices. Not only can half of visitors be viewing a broken site if it isn't responsive, but Google search rankings are heavily impacted by it. Google announced in 2018 that they would start indexing sites mobile-first, meaning that a site is indexed based on mobile rather than desktop. I take an aggressive approach to making websites responsive, and use the google mobile friendly site check for every site I develop. This involves writing special lines of code (sometimes thousands) that control how every single element on a website is displayed for every different screen size individually.

Symbiosis Arts full responsive website mockup design - Ipad & tablet Symbiosis Arts full responsive website mockup design - Ipad & tablet


As well as creating a cohesive brand identity to be displayed on their website, I also designed posters and business cards for Symbiosis. Distributable pieces of brand content like this are extremely valuable to how the company is perceived outside of the context of the website. After all, we want to get to know and relate to the companies we interact with. These pieces speak to who Symbiosis is, and what you can expect from going to one of their shows.