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Luckyleo Dancewear is an online-only retailer of hand-made custom dancewear. Before we connected, Luckyleo operated their business using Etsy as a storefront. After gaining a lot of followers and traction in the dance world, they wanted to expand the company to have its own brand identity. They contacted me in 2015 to design their website, brand identity, content, and they have been my longest running client.

Since 2015 I've done several website re-designs, countless ads, business cards, a logo redesign, Instagram content designs, a wholesale packet, and developed new features for their website. Since the website launch, they've gone from 300 total orders to 30,000 orders shipping to over 60 countries. They have also doubled their sales every year since launch.


The discovery phase for Luckyleo was incredibly fun. The owners and I had many strategy sessions where we put together mood boards, discussed competitors and what sets Luckyleo apart, and what the driving force behind the business should be. A lot of their success is a direct result of those strategy sessions. We decided to put a massive emphasis on who the owners are, including their personal stories of being former professional ballerinas that got injured and turned to sewing to continue to contribute to the dance world they loved so much. Luckyleo has even created its own mini-culture within the dance world due to the brand direction we as a team have committed to.

A major part of the discovery process was learning about successful Ecommerce and doing extensive research on how users interact with online stores and websites. Every single aspect of the site needed to be planned out to maximize conversion rates. We wanted every piece of content to make sense and to either funnel users into the checkout process or to get them engaged in Luckyleo's brand.

For creating Luckyleo Dancewear, I had a few key goals :

Design a brand identity that sets Luckyleo apart from other leotard companies.
Design Luckyleo to be a lifestyle brand; one that inspires loyalty and connects customers to their values and vision.
Build the website to include functionality for users to customize their own dance wear.
Make quick shopping a priority by introducing click to buy on products and add to cart for products featured on the front page.
Separate the various lines of dance wear in a way that is easy to understand for consumers.
Put a major emphasis on the fact that Luckyleos are hand made in the USA.
Luckyleo Dancewear old & new logo design comparison Luckyleo Dancewear old & new logo design comparison

Luckyleo launched on Etsy with their own logo that Chelsea drew by hand. When it came time to redesign the logo, it was important that it kept the old aesthetic and was recognizable by their growing customer base who were already familiar with it. We did a large website redesign in late 2016, and I took that opportunity to make some small adjustments to it.

The purpose of the redesign was to evolve the brand and make everything a more cohesive. This is when the brand really started to develop and evolve; we chose fonts, put together mood boards, and put together an updated list of competitors and brand inspiration. The result was that Luckyleo had a refined vision and brand evolution that we have built on ever since. The results were astounding, Luckyleo did nearly 7 times the amount of sales in 2017 as they did in 2016.


Designing the brand identity for Luckyleo has possibly been my favorite project to date. The inspiration behind their brand comes from many fashion brands, mood boards that the owners and I put together every few months, exclusive watercolor prints they create for their leotards, and nature. They do a lot of photo shoots in various outdoor locations like Bishops Castle, Paint Mines, Vail, and studio shoots with natural lighting.

I designed Luckyleo to be a lifestyle brand, so all content is created with that in mind. Every piece is cohesive, has some floral and watercolor influences, and features words like hand-made, custom, made-to-order, hand-painted, etc. I use a lot of pastel colors, and incorporate soft textures like marble or paper.

Web design & development front page preview for Luckyleo Dancewear Web design & development front page preview for Luckyleo Dancewear


Responsiveness is one of the most important qualities a website can have. Over 50% of internet traffic is done from mobile devices. Not only can half of visitors be viewing a broken site if it isn't responsive, but Google search rankings are heavily impacted by it. Google announced in 2018 that they would start indexing sites mobile-first, meaning that a site is indexed based on mobile rather than desktop. I take an aggressive approach to making websites responsive, and use the google mobile friendly site check for every site I develop. This involves writing special lines of code (sometimes thousands) that control how every single element on a website is displayed for every different screen size individually.

Luckyleo Dancewear Ipad Ecommerce website design responsiveness showcase Luckyleo Dancewear Ipad Ecommerce website design responsiveness showcase


Luckyleo's brand identity is largely rooted in who the owners are. Unlike other Leotard companies, they regularly interact with their customers. Heather and Chelsea are constantly doing social media outreach, instagram live, snapchat stories, etc. Because of this, they've built a personality for Luckyleo that their customers can really relate to. This translates to brand loyalty and repeat customers. Also unlike most other Leotards companies, Luckyleo is 100% hand made in the USA, and they create custom prints for their clothing using pieces of watercolor art Chelsea creates. In creating the design, I've put these qualities as a major focus. Luckyleo's brand development has been tailored to represent a high-class, hand-made, superior quality, one-of-a-kind, lifestyle brand.