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Welcome to Lance Walker Designs. I am a Graphic and Web Designer based in Denver that specializes in brand design. My purpose is to create timeless brands that connect people; brands that establish emotional bonds and inspire long-lasting relationships. Through innovation, creativity, and strategy, I will bring your vision to life.


Luckyleo Dancewear

Luckyleo Dancewear is a Denver-based online retailer that sells custom and pre-made dance wear for ballet dancers. They hired me to transition them from Etsy to their own website & online store, as well as to create their entire brand identity.


Brand Identity

Logo & Content Development

Web Design & Development

Ecommerce (Shopify)

Web and Branding Design Preview for Luckyleo Dancewear


Symbiosis is a new Denver-based art collective that aims to completely reinvent the way dance and art are consumed. They hired me to create their brand identity and develop / design their website.


Brand Identity

Logo & Content Development

Web Design & Development

Business Cards & Print Design

Responsive Web and Graphic Design Preview for Symbiosis


Oilcoin is a legally compliant digital currency backed by oil reserves. It aims to solve the problem of volatility in the crypto industry by providing value based on reserve oil. I was hired to create a website concept and to update some of their pitch deck graphics.


Website Design

Asset Graphic Updates

Responsive Web and Brand Identity Design Preview for Oilcoin


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Token Agency

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Market Protocol

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Richard Jacobi

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Caleb Alvarado

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Web Design &

Websites can be your most valuable asset. Showcasing your brand, converting visitors into followers or sales, generating leads, and more. If your website doesn’t function as it should, you are missing out on one of the most valuable tools marketing has to offer. Creating a large online presence is vital to growing as a company. Functional, simple, elegant design will translate into an amazing brand, and will promote brand memorability.

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Brand identity is all about perception. Who are you as a company? How do you appear to potential clients? What makes you different and unique? In this world where users have access to an abundant amount of information, people seek brands that align with their own identities and beliefs. I believe that by truly understanding your audience, you can create impactful, meaningful relationships with people who believe in who you are as a company.

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Logos are meant to pair emotional response with a brand's story. We log these logos away in our minds, subconsciously relating them to the brands they accompany. Think about the nike swoosh, or the adidas lines. They are simple, strong, visual representations of those brands and they connect the viewer without the need to even hear or see a name. Having a good logo is an incredibly valuable asset in not only the first impression of a brand, but how the brand grows and evolves over time.

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Having strong personal branding can elevate your brand identity and promote instant recognition from potential and current clients. In a situation where you are trying to build a client base or make connections, possessing something physical that displays your branding can be the one thing that makes the difference between you and another company or service.

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Content design makes up every distributable piece of digital or paper information you need to communicate to your clients. Having content pieces that are cohesively designed to fit your brand identity and message is immensely important. Studies show that 47% of buyers view an average of three to five pieces of branded content before engaging with a sales representative. This means that having well-designed and branded content can ultimately improve your conversion rate and lead to a more successful business.


About Me

I started my journey in graphic design back in 2014. I took the opportunity of my wife starting a new business to pursue design, which I had always been interested in. I found myself eager to spend every minute of every day developing, designing, and learning. I’ve always been intrigued by brand identity and what makes a company grow. I believe the key to success in those two areas are to bridge the gap between client perception and brand intent. Visualizing that process from start to finish is key to creating content that connects people.

When I am not designing you can catch me doing one or more of these things:

  • Backpacking in Ouray or hiking somewhere in the mountains with my awesome Wife

  • Biking the Cherry Creek Bike Trail

  • Tap dancing at first friday in the Santa Fe Arts District

  • Drinking coffee at Huckleberry

  • Eating at Stowaway Cafe

  • Playing my drums

Let's Talk.

I'm always happy to hear from you. If you have a new project, or even just want to say hi, please drop me a line.